Berserker DVD (1987)

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Six young adults in the woods run afoul of a berserker,s rage, a Viking warrior who dons the skins and snout of a bear, terror of a quick death with no immediate escape in sight, they have no time to run or to pray for death. Also, called ,Berserker: The Nordic Curse,. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring: Joseph Alan Johnson, Beth Toussaint

Viewer Review: "This film is a fabulous Viking horror guilty pleasure. It is filled with sex and violence mixed with violence and sex, and edited together into a sick montage of orgasms and suffering. I must confess that it was a guilty pleasure watching six dimwits get killed in gruesome ways. Give your brain a rest, and just sit back and enjoy!"

Run Time: 1h, 25m

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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