Blood For Dracula DVD (1974)

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Deathly ill Count Dracula (Udo Kier) and his slimy underling, Anton (Arno Juerging), travel to Italy in search of a virgin,s blood. They,re welcomed at the crumbling estate of indebted Marchese Di Fiore (Vittorio De Sica), who,s desperate to marry off his daughters to rich suitors. But there, instead of pure women, the count encounters incestuous lesbians with vile blood and Marxist manservant Mario (Joe Dallesandro), who,s suspicious of the aristocratic Dracula. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring: Udo Kier, Arno Juerging, Joe Dallesandro,

Viewer Review: "This movie is a gory, sexy and witty treat! It is outrageous fun and a must-see for everyone whose tired of the same old unsatisfying horror films."

Run Time: 1h, 46m

Format: DVD

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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