Casper's First Christmas DVD (1979)

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Yogi Bear, Boo Boo, Huckleberry Hound and more Hanna-Barbera characters get lost and decide to spend Christmas by vising Casper, the friendly ghost. But soon they encounter a not-so-friendly ghost. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown.

Viewer Review:  "This is a fun and charming movie.The opening with the Yogi gang singing as they travel to the lodge in their 1920's era car passing through a snowbank and a couple of fields full of snow was a really fun and great way to open this cartoon. Plus the antics between Casper and Hairy Scary are hilarious. So get ready to have a funny "picnic lunch" with Casper, Yogi and the rest of the gang in this Christmas Classic.

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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