Chimes At Midnight DVD (1965)

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Henry IV (John Gielgud) usurps the English throne, sets in motion the factious War of the Roses and now faces a rebellion led by Northumberland scion Hotspur (Norman Rodway). Henry's heir, Prince Hal (Keith Baxter), is a ne'er-do-well carouser who drinks and causes mischief with his low-class friends, especially his rotund father figure. John Falstaff (Orson Welles). To redeem his title, Hal may have to choose between allegiance to his real father and loyalty to his friend. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring: Orson Wells, John Gielgud, Norman Rodway, Keith Baxter

Viewer Quote: "Chimes at Midnight is a marvel of a film: this is a Welles film in its true form and not tampered with. The battle scenes are truly amazing. I was surprised and delighted by Welles's performance. He really shines in an atmosphere which permits theatricality (Shakespeare). and I felt this movie combines the best of his two loves: the theater, and the cinema (told with Welles' stunning eye for a cinematic visual). This film is visually delicious, and has a brilliant sense of fun (like both Kane and The Trial), and yet it has more heart than the other two."

1h, 59m

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