Claymation: Christmas, Halloween & Easter Celebrations DVD

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Three (3) Animated Holiday Celebrations on one DVD:
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1) Claymation Christmas Celebration: Herb and Rex, the Jurassic odd couple, introduce segments featuring the Three Wise Men, singing camels, ice-skating penguins, and the hilarious Paris Bellharmonic Orchestra. There's even a Motown rendition of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." The entire cast joins a rousing chorus finale of "Here We Come A-Wassailing," which is certain to put everyone in the Christmas mood.

2) Claymation Comedy of Horrors:This wacky Halloween Special features Wilshire Pig and his reluctant sidekick, Sheldon Snail, on a quest for a secret diary that will lead them to Dr. Frankenswine's monster. Once inside the Doctor's castle, however, they find a Monster's Convention--a riotous Jamboree of ghouls, ghosts, and goblins going on. This hilarious horror spoof is a rapid-fire display of amazing animation, ridiculous sight gags, laughs and general ruckus.

3) Claymation Easter: Claymation Easter marks the return of Wilshire Pig, with an absurd plan to kidnap the Easter Bunny just days before the holiday and launch himself as the first ever Easter Pig. As one would expect, things go terribly wrong for Wilshire in a serious of disastrous and hilarious misadventures. As with all of Will Vinton's creations, totally off-the-wall comedy is matched with eye-popping animation.

Viewer Review: "The Claymation Christmas, Halloween & Easter Celebrations are great, the clay characters are awesome, ... you can't beat it. I can't choose a favorite skit. They are all good. The camels and 3 wise men, the bells, the "waffling", the California Raisin Rudolph...LOL. We were so happy to have found this DVD. Highly recommended!"

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