Curse of the Faceless Man DVD (1958)

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A scientist's (Richard Anderson) artist girlfriend (Elaine Edwards) is kidnapped by a stony Etruscan gladiator-slave found near Pompeii. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  Richard Anderson, Elaine Edwards

Viewer Review:  "This movie is about a petra-fried beau trying to save his gal from Vesuvius. Ah! His love was hotter than the volcano; but, unfortunately, he was combustible. The artist feels drawn to her centuries old beau and murder ensues. The film is reminiscent of the mummy genre. The title character is hideous and scary. There is a love triangle that is quite poignant. Performances are acted with affection and the cast is excellent. We watch B-movies to have fun, right? So let's watch it have fun like we did when we were kids. Highly recommended!"

Format: DVD

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