Me and the Colonel (1958) Danny Kaye

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Danny Kaye, a Jewish refugee flees from the Nazis with an aristocratic anti-semitic Polish officer (Curd Jurgens) trying to get papers to England. Jurgens learns to appreciate Kaye, despite their competition for the same woman, and together they outwit their pursuers.

Starring:  Danny Kaye, Curd Jurgens, Nicole Maurey

Viewer Quote:  "Danny Kaye plays a serious, dramatic role instead of the typical zany comedic parts he usually performed.  I must say, Danny Kaye delivers a very skillful and thoughtful performance as Jacobowsky, and Curt Jurgens is hilarious in his over-the-top display of pompous honor as the military Colonel."

This film shows off both Danny Kaye's exceptional comedic and dramatic talent. This is an genuinely entertaining and heartfelt movie.

Format:  DVD

This DVD is Region 0 (playable worldwide).

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