Dark Victory DVD (1976)

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Katherine Merrill (Elizabeth Montgomery) is a high-powered TV producer whose fast-paced life causes her to ignore her chronic headaches. Taken ill at a cocktail party, she is finally forced to pay attention to something other than her work and take her symptoms seriously. Dr. Michael Grant (Anthony Hopkins) diagnoses her with a fatal tumor but doesn,t tell Katherine because he,s fallen in love with her. Katherine is angry when the truth comes out but realizes she has fallen for the doctor too. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring: Elizabeth Montgomery, Anthony Hopkins, Michele Lee

Viewer Review: "No matter how many times I watch this film, I still bawl my eyes out each time. Ms. Montgomery and Anthony Hopkins have a far more natural rhythm that holds up much better than the 1939 version. This 1976 Dark Victory is the best!"

Run Time:  2h, 17m

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