Death Ship (1983) Horror Cult Classic

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Unbeknownst to the passengers on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean, a mysterious vessel is approaching - on a collision course! Despite the attempts of the crew to avert disaster, the liner is lost with all hands down, except for seven survivors. They are saved when they clamber aboard a ghostly freighter, where they discover an even worse fate. They are now prisoners on a former wartime vessel. As this ship speeds towards an unknown destination, they realize that something is intent on destroying each one of them in a gruesome and terrifying way... It's not a ship, it's a killing machine!

Viewer Quote:  "It's all quite "Twilight Zone" to begin with but as the film moves along, it gets increasingly horrific and's well worth seeing!"

Starring:   George Kennedy, Richard Crenna, Nick Mancuso

A RARE DVD, newly remastered from original vault elements!The movie is presented in 16x9 ANAMORPHIC WIDESCREEN!

The DVD is encoded NTSC REGION 0 (playable worldwide).

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