Disturbed DVD (1990)

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A lascivious and deadly psychiatrist (Malcolm McDowell) preys on women patients. then meets one he cannot seem to kill. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown.

Starring: Malcom McDowell, Geoffrey Lewis, Priscilla Pointers

Viewer Quote: " The camera work in this film brilliantly charts a man's descent into madness. It's hilarious, hellishly titillating and messes with the mind. The opening scene is pretty disturbing and the end scene does have the director yelling "Cut it!". but one of the great things about this movie is watching it make a frenzied transition from dead-seriousness to absurdist hilarity with every further minute that passes. "Disturbed" is a 'head bang' classic that is tragically. painfully overlooked and underrated. It must be seen, so watch it."

1h, 36m

Format: DVD

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