Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde DVD (971)

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Research done by Dr. Henry Jekyll (Ralph Bates) in the field of artificially-induced human longevity involves experimentation with female hormones. When he partakes of his own formula and the inevitable Jekyll-into-Hyde transformation takes place, he changes into a ravishing (but lethal!) female version of himself (famed "B"-movie siren Martine Beswick). Claiming to be Jekyll,s sister, Ms. Hyde uses her alluring charms to seduce men then kills them and absconds with their bodies for use in further experiments. This movie is scary, campy and fun - a must-see! Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Viewer Review: "This film has more than enough moments of horror: the scenes where Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde battle for ,control, of their body is a brilliant piece of psychological horror, and the parts where Sister Hyde goes out to kill women in order to get more estrogen are gratuitously bloody and should delight any horror fan."

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