Fatherland (1994) Rutger Hauer

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A U.S. newswoman (Miranda Richardson) teams with Xavier March (Rutger Hauer), a SS detective to solve murders of Nazi officials by the Gestapo in 1964 Berlin.  "Fatherland" shows a world where Nazi Germany won the Second World War after repulsing the Allied invasion at Normandy. Now, in the 1960's, Germany continues to fight a bitter guerilla war with the Soviet Union and desperately needs an alliance with the United States in order to finally beat Stalin's war machine. March probes deeper and discovers the full truth about what happened to the Jews; a truth that could destroy the peace process with America and a truth that Nazi and SS leaders will stop at nothing to keep hidden.
Viewer Quote:  "The chilling premise of a victorious Nazi party is well played out thanks to a good cast, a fast-moving and intelligent story, fine photography and, for a change, music that doesn't overpower the script.  The actual War footage adds to the realism."
Starring:  Rutger Hauer 
Format:  DVD
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Region:  0 (playable worldwide)

Run Time: 106 min

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