Frankie Starlight (1995) Garbriel Byrne, Anne Parillaud

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An Irish-American dwarf chronicles his post-World War II immigration with his mother (Anne Parillaud) and her affair with a married official (Gabriel Byrne) who becomes a surrogate father to the boy, teaching him about the stars and planets... and calling him "Frankie Starlight."

Starring:  Anne Parillaud, Gabriel Byrne, Corban Walker, Matt Dillon

Viewer Review:  "This is one of the great "unknowns" in the movie world: a great film seen by very few people. Byrne's work, usually excellent, blends in subtly here, works its power through understatement, underplaying. His character's kindness lights and lifts Frankie to the stars, literally and figuratively, but Frankie's star shines brightest. "Frankie Starlight" begs description; the type of beautiful, warm story that just isn't made anymore, that isn't believable, even when it's a true story, as this one is. Plainly, this film is about human triumph over adversity, about good things happening to good people, (after a period of sufficient suffering to make the reward that much sweeter), transcending superficiality and the stupidity of the masses, glimpses into human weakness and vulnerability, super steamy sex, all issues related to growing up: growing up strange, love: real love demonstrated, between strangers, and between family, between lovers, also GREAT acting, historical accuracy, great screenplay, great casting, beautiful camera work, plot pacing, well rewarded suspense, and beautiful people. One of the best aspects of the film is how the general history of WW II was interwoven with the personal experiences of the characters. These movies just don't exist, we're told. I liked "My Left Foot" which received more critical attention and did better at the box office than "Frankie." But "Frankie" -- for no good reason, none I can state --left a warmer, happier impression; maybe because its heroics were less dramatic; it's a simpler story. I wish more people would see this film.  Highly recommended overall."

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