I Want You (1988) Rachel Weisz

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Helen (Rachel Weisz), a young woman living in an English coastal town, is the object of desire for 14-year-old Honda (Luka Petrusic), a mute refugee who secretly records the conversations of everyone around him. When Helen's former lover, Martin (Alessandro Nivola), returns home after being released from jail, he watches her from a distance and hopes to rekindle their past relationship. As Helen is drawn to Martin, Honda plots to use his secret tapes to gain her affection.

Starring:  Rachel Weisz, Alessandro Nivola

Viewer Quote:  "This movie is haunting and beautiful, truly erotic, tragic and ultimately underrated. The cinematography was excellent and the atmosphere it created is very haunting and in accordance with the loneliness and desperation of the main characters. The acting is great, and a 'must see' for for everyone who'd likes movies with soul."

Strong Sexual Content.

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Format:  DVD 

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