Lifeform DVD (1996)

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When the Viking space capsule suddenly returns to Earth from its long ago trip to Mars, it brings with it an intelligent visitor that is part "Alien" and part "ET". Encased in armor, it extends a human-like form from its shell to examine its surroundings and shows an interest in humans including a soft caress of a female scientist prior to the Army killing it. This only enrages its sibling. Also called ,Invader,. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring: Cotter Smith, Deirdre O,Connell, Robert Wisdom

Viewer Review: "The alien lifeform is extremely well thought out and designed. It looks great on screen, too. The science details are actually based on science and smarts. This movie has a great story, pretty good special effects and a very nice (and unexpected) climax."

1h, 30m
Format: DVD

Region: All Regions (playable worldwide)

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