Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman (2000)

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Sam (Christopher Allport) is traumatized by his experience the previous Christmas, battling Jack Frost (Matt Falletta), a murderous snowman possessed by a serial killer. His wife, Anne (Eileen Seeley), thinks a trip to the tropics will get his mind off the snow, so they pack their bags and head to a resort on an island in the Pacific. Meanwhile, the FBI accidentally resurrects Jack's remains during an experiment. Jack heads to the island, covers it in snow and embarks on another rampage.  

Starring:  Christopher Allport, Eileen Seeley

Viewer Review:  "This movie made me laugh so hard that it hurt in spite of the 'extreme horror and gore'.  This movie ROCKS! The idea of a killer snowman and his brood wreaking havoc on a tropical island paradise is pretty absurd. The good news is, the producers realized it and made it a comedy in the vein of Army of Darkness. When the little killer snowballs attack, I laughed my ass off. For example, they put one of the little killer creeps into a blender (a la Gremlins 1) and mix it. After that, it morphs back into a snowball and squeals with a high pitched voice "That was fun!" This movie is seriously entertaining. One of the best movies ever!"

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1h, 31m

Format: DVD

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