Kidnapped (1971) Michael Caine

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In 18th century Scotland, during the Jacobite Rebellion, David Balfour claims his inheritance from his uncle who has him shanghaied on a ship where David meets fugitive Jacobite rebel Alan Breck.

Starring:  Michael Caine, Lawrence Douglas, Vivian Heilbron

Viewer Quote:  "This is a hugely underrated 1971 version of Kidnapped which takes a more fatalistic approach to the story than might be expected. Rather than opt for easy swashbuckling, Alan Breck is here a man in constant denial as he travels through a defeated landscape rife with disillusion in the wake of the Battle of Culloden, while David Balfour is trying to make sense of a world where those who are supposed to be on his side are far less honorable than those supposed to be his enemies. Blessed with a superb script by Jack Pullman (with some elegantly witty dialogue), a beautiful score by Roy Budd and a wonderful use of location (beautiful scenery) that really comes alive in widescreen. This is high adventure at its best! It is also a moving, poignant story of a culture in its death throes. It is a magnificent, heroic movie. I loved it!"

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