KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park DVD (1978)

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This mystery matches KISS’s extraordinary powers against a mad scientist. KISS is scheduled for a sell-out concert at Southern California’s Magic Mountain amusement park when park-goers begin to vanish without a trace. KISS use their extraordinary powers to find and destroy the diabolical plans of the mad scientist and his army or robots. Features a KISS performance and stunning visual effects. Also known as 'KISS and the Attack of the Phantoms'.  Delivered sealed in casewith artwork as shown on our website.

Starring: KISS, Anthony Zerbe

Viewer Review: "This movie is a true masterpiece! I loved it. How can you beat a movie that has an "evil KISS" out to ruin the real KISS. Let's just say...this IS A CLASSIC FILM!! Do yourself a favor and watch this one!

1h, 36m

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