Last Plane Out DVD (1983)

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A True story based on journalist Jack Cox's experience in Nicaragua.  A U.S. journalist (Jan-Michael Vincent) and his crew are trapped in Nicaragua by rebels who equate them with the CIA. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  Jan-Michael Vincent, Mary Crosby, David Huffman

Viewer Review:  "This is a very suspenseful film - it shows 3 news reporters trying to get out of the country! Filmed in Puerto Rico or Florida, it feels and looks very authentic! Jan Michael Vincent is fresh off his excellent WINDS OF WAR performance, and it carries over into this venture. Julie Carmen plays a young, aristocratic woman who secretly works with the Sandinista's. She is Jan Michael Vincent's very very brief love interest. Definitely worth watching this film!"

1h, 32m

Format: DVD

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