Make Mine Mink (1960) Terry-Thomas Classic Comedy, Rare

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A zany collection of misfits led by aging military man (Terry-Thomas) go on a spree of robbing mink coats. An unlikely trio of women (Athene Seyler, Hattie Jacques, and Elspeth Duxbury) find new reasons to live ... until their housekeeper (Billie Whitelaw), an ex-con is suspected of the robberies.

Starring:  Terry-Thomas, Billie Whitelaw

Viewer Quote:  "There's such a combination of comedy, sweetness, surprise, and intelligence in this movie that it sticks with you for a long time. The combination of the odd British major living in a rooming house with an extraordinary collection of women, the craziness of their plans and the situations they get themselves into, and the smart understating of the comedy, make it a rarity in more ways than one.  This film is a real treasure, and one of the best comedies ever!"

1h, 40m

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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