Mothra DVD (1961)

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A flying monster terrorizes Japan after a nightclub owner kidnaps two tiny princesses from their island paradise. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring: Hiroshi Koizumi, Yumi Ito, Emi Ito, Frankie Sakai

Viewer Review: "This is the first Mothra movie. There is a great screenplay by Shinichi Sekizawa, imaginable effects by Eiji Tsuburaya, good directing by Ishiro Honda and a beautiful music score (though not by Akira Ifukube, Yuji Koseki composed an equally superb music score). The male lead, played by Frankie Sakai, was hilarious and provided most of the comic relief in this action-packed monster film. This is still one of the best kaijyu movies ever created."

1h, 41m

Format: DVD

Language: Japanese w/ English subtitles).

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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