The Music of Chance DVD (1993)

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Former fireman Jim Nashe (Mandy Patinkin), spending his large inheritance on a cross-country auto trip, decides to pick up a hitchhiker (James Spader). The man turns out to be a con man involved in a high-stakes poker game. Nashe makes the impulsive move of bankrolling the con man, but is unprepared to face the bizarre consequences after a big loss. A  RARE, very dark and underrated drama! Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.    

Viewer Review:  "Brilliant, Bizarre, Beautiful. An unknown gem.  It starts off seemingly as a film about high stakes poker players and evolves into something decidedly and deliciously different. James Spader plays something other than his usual blonde pretty boy types and Mandy Patinkin shines.  I love this film its a bit surreal, dark, tense and unnerving and keeps you guessing." 

Run Time:  1h, 38m

Format:  DVD

This DVD is playable world wide (Region 0).  Widescreen.

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