Never Too Young To Die (1986)

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A top secret Agent (George Lazenby) is murdered, so his estranged son (John Stamos), a high school gymnast, teams up with his dad's attractive female partner (Vanity) to stop the psychopathic hermaphroditic gang leader (Gene Simmons) who killed him, and now plans a major terrorist attack.

Starring:  John Stamos, Gene Simmons, Vanity, George Lazenby, Robert Englund

Viewer Review:  "Stamos brings perfect hair to his role, and there are lots of scenes of him doing gymnastics. One of the many highlights of the movie is when Stamos is being beaten up by two of Simmons' thugs. He is crying like a little baby but then he sees a picture of his dad. Suddenly he's like Popeye on a spinach high and he kicks the crap out of the bad guys. Vanity is a stone fox, as usual. She also has a nude scene, as usual. Her seduction of John Stamos I will mock publicly but privately I thought it was hot! Gene Simmons is gross to look at dressed in drag but a hoot hamming it up as the super villain. Seeing him flirt with Stamos is priceless. He also likes to use his middle finger for...well, I won't spoil it. If you ever wondered what Uncle Jesse did before Full House, all your questions will be answered here. This movie is so awesome it will change your life. This film is pure balls to the wall kick ass fun!"

1h, 32m

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