Night Life DVD (1989)

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Archie is a "brain" at a small town high school who works part-time at his uncle's mortuary and is harassed by a few of the popular kids because of it. His harassers die in an automobile accident, and the bodies are taken to his uncle's mortuary. Archie is pulling a late night at the mortuary when he sees a storm brewing. Lightning strikes! They're alive! The preppie bullies continue to torment him - as ZOMBIES! Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring: Scott Grimes, John Astin, Cheryl Pollak, Anthony Geary

Viewer Review: "What a treat! This not your A-typical zombie film. Though a lot of the rules have been preserved from the other undead features that have gone before this one adds its own twist. It never takes itself seriously, and fans of 'Return of the Living Dead' should check this out!"

1h, 29m

Format: DVD

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