Ordeal In The Artic (1983)

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A true story:  The captain of a downed military transport struggles to keep his crew and passengers alive in the arctic wastelands.

Starring:  Richard Chamberlain, Catherine Mary Stewart

Viewer Review:  "Because this story actually happened, those that demand a certain amount of realism, will not be disappointed. It is quite easy to sensationalize, or add things to enhance the drama in this type of film. Fortunately none of that happens, and "Ordeal in the Arctic" sticks with the facts. Richard Chamberlain gives a heartfelt performance as the guilt ridden pilot. The rest of the crew and passengers are slowly freezing to death. The rescue effort overcomes difficult obstacles, and never doubts their success. Most dialog is aimed at keeping alive, and the overwhelming desperation of the situation is portrayed to perfection.  I highly recommend this film."
It was all played well and without exaggerating."

1h, 36m

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1h, 36m

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