Poor Pretty Eddie DVD (1975)

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Liz Wetherly is a popular singer in need of a break from her hectic schedule. When her car breaks down, she ends up stuck in a remote southern town that‘s been left for dead “ever since they put in the interstate. She is forced to spend the night at “Bertha’s Oasis”, a rundown lodge that serves as the bizarre fiefdom of an overweight ex-burlesque star who lords over her much younger boyfriend, Eddie, and a cast of equally-strange townsfolk. Eddie fancies himself a singer on par with Elvis, and expects Wetherly to make him famous. But things turn very ugly. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring:  Shelley Winters, Leslie Uggams, Slim Pickens

Viewer Review:  "An obscure treat! This film deserves to be a new cult classic. It is rich in tawdry sick sexuality and over the top performances. Shelley Winters gives a tour-de-force as the faded burlesque beauty surrounded by a court of simpletons who indulge her fantasies and create a bizarre, Fellini-esque world of sad rejects. The twisted plot ostensibly centers around Leslie Uggams' hellish enslavement at a back country inn that makes the woods of "Deliverance" seem tame. But the real story is between Shelley and her men. Pull the jug of moonshine and enjoy!"

1h, 32m

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