Raid on Entebbe DVD (1977)

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Based on a true story, members of the Revolutionary Cells and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijack an Air France flight, and the airplane makes its way to a Ugandan airport. The terrorists release all but the Israeli passengers, intending to use them to bargain with Israel for the release of prisoners. Refusing to negotiate, Israeli officials -- among them Yitzhak Rabin (Peter Finch) and Brig. Gen. Dan Shomron (Charles Bronson) -- devise a plan to rescue the hostages. Uncut.

Starring:  Charles Bronson, Peter Finch, Yaphet Kotto, John Saxon, Martin Balsam, Jack Warden

Viewer Quote:  "This film is engrossing and exciting to watch. The actual raid on Entebbe was itself a very daring rescue, and it translates extremely well to film.  The cast is excellent (I thought Yaphet Kotto did a marvelous job of portraying Idi Amin.) Even Charles Bronson did an excellent job as the Israeli officer in overall command of the operation. From beginning to end, this movie never drags and is one of the best I've ever seen."

Operation Thunderbolt (1977)
Revolutionäre Zellen terrorist Wilfried Böse (Klaus Kinski) and his cohorts from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijack an Air France flight on a stopover in Athens and force it to fly to Entebbe, Uganda, via Libya. After releasing the non-Jewish passengers, the terrorists ransom the remaining Jewish hostages for the release of political prisoners held by Israel...Based on true life events.

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