Road to Salina DVD (1970)

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Jonas (Robert Walker Jr.) is on the road to Salina. He stops at a gas station/restaurant and its owner, Mara (Hayworth), is struck by his resemblance to her dead son, Rocky (Porel). He decides to stay on and meets Mara's friend Warren (Begley) and Rocky's sister Billie (Farmer), but dark facts are to be revealed about the death of Rocky. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring: Mimsy Farmer, Robert Walker Jr., Rita Hayworth, Ed Begley

Viewer Review: "One of my favorite films of all time, maybe even my very fave. This film never bores and has many great twists and turns, as the viewer tries to determine just who knows what, and what everyone's motives may be. The cast is just great, and the final moments of the film where it all comes together are incredible."

1h, 36m

Format: DVD

Region: 0 (playable worldwide)

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