Shadow Hunter DVD (1993)

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Los Angeles police officer John Kane (Scott Glenn) is sent to Arizona to retrieve a murder suspect from a Navajo reservation. However, when his charge escapes, John must hunt down the suspect and overcome the powerful dark magic that he possesses. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our website.

Starring:  Scott Glenn, Benjamin Bratt, Angela Alvarado

Viewer Review:  "Shadow Hunter is an excellent and exciting film. I am surprised with a story like this and with stars such as Scott Glenn and Benjamin Bratt that the film seems to be little known and/or very underrated. Glenn is excellent as the good guy and Bratt  plays his killer character very good! The action is exciting and the story-line is interesting. I really like the Native Americans Indians in it. The sky views in the film very neat! If you like the cast mentioned above and want to see a very different movie watch Shadow Hunter!

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1h, 33m

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