Starflight One: The Plane That Couldn't Land (1983)

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Starflight One, a commercial aircraft that can whisk passengers around the globe in a matter of hours, embarks on its maiden voyage. The trip goes horribly awry, however, when the aircraft is forced out of the atmosphere and into outer space. As it is too dangerous to attempt reentry, Captain Cody Briggs (Lee Majors), his passengers and his crew brave declining levels of oxygen while NASA scientists scramble to launch a rescue mission in a race against time.

Starring:  Lee Majors, Lauren Hutton, Ray Milland, Hal Linden

Viewer Review:  "What a great cast. Our hero Lee Majors, the gorgeous Lauren Hutton, Tess Harper, always dependable Ray Milland, Robert Webber and Hal Linden.  STARFLIGHT ONE has enough action and suspense to highly recommend it.  This film amply demonstrates, the tragedies of Challenger, Columbia, and Apollo 204 in real life, and that there are inherent risks in this kind of technological ambition."

1h, 55m

Format: DVD

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