Stranger In My Arms DVD (1959)

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An Air Force major (Jeff Chandler) loves a so-called hero's widow (June Allyson) at her snooty mother-in-law's (Mary Astor) Southern mansion. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  Jeff Chandler, June Allyson, Peter Graves, Mary Astor, Sandra Dee

Viewer Review:  "This a thoroughly engrossing film.  During the progress of the film we learn to share the hatred of the films matriarch that gradually becomes evident in the protagonists, Mary Astor actually makes the most remarkable performance in this film about a mother's tragedy, all caused by herself and she herself understanding it least of all. The war drama is just the frame, from the beginning you must suspect that Jeff Chandler has something to hide, some terrible secret about the truth that can't be revealed, and the entire film is building up towards this revelation. Definitely worth watching."

1h, 28m

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