Stripped To Kill DVD (1987)

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A female detective gets her cuffs out and goes undercover (and underdressed) at a strip club to snatch the killer of local strippers. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown.

Starring:  Kay Lenz, Greg Evigan, Pia Kamakahi

Viewer Review:  "Stripped to Kill is what you get when you hire a competent female writer/director to make a T&A horror-thriller with a strip club setting. While this one has a more-than-generous amount of T&A and violence, it should also be given credit for delivering a gritty, credible and often unflattering look inside a strip club and the women who populate it. The dancing is explored for all its worth and from all possible angles; exploitation, entertainment, eroticism, even as art. Some of the dancers view their occupation as being a way to express themselves through dance while others think of it as just a paycheck for another night's work. A few are lesbians, some have drug problems, most have criminal records and a few even seem like reasonably well-adjusted women who find stripping unpredictable and exciting. 'Stripped..' is a right starting point for the director and well worth checking out."

1h, 28m

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