Tarantula DVD (1955)

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Professor Gerald Deemer has been working on a special nutrient to help ease a predicted food shortage that is expected to come with the increase in human population. One day while he is gone two of his colleagues inject themselves with the nutrient with disastrous results and die a few days later. One, however, goes mad and injects Deemer with the formula. During a struggle, a giant tarantula injected with the formula escapes its cage and grows even larger and starts to attack cattle as well as human beings. Classic cult horror. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Viewer Review: "I watched this movie a hundred times while growing up and I,ve seen it at least a hundred more times as an adult! Great story. To me it,s the greatest big bug movie ever made. Interesting side story of the effects of the nutrient on humans. Great sci-fi and great entertainment!

Trivia: You will be SURPRISED to see the actor at the end who plays the hero at the end of this film. This is before he hits the big time in Hollywood!

Format: DVD

The DVD is encoded REGION 0 (playable worldwide).

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