That Lucky Touch (1975)

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A European arms dealer (Roger Moore) meets a liberated woman journalist (Susannah York). who is writing a story about the ridiculous things men do with the armaments during a NATO war games meeting. Needless to say. the two meet and make sparks. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring: Roger Moore. Susannah York, Lee J. Cobb, Shelley Winters

Viewer Review: "Arms dealer. Michael Scott (Roger Moore) prepares weapon transport for NATO. The whole operation is of course top secret. but one very inquisitive journalist, Julia Richardson (Susannah York) discovers what's going on and accidentally gets to know Michael. The problem begins when they fall in love with each other...I suggest you watch "That Lucky Touch" and that's not only because of a fantastic performance given by Lee J. Cobb. and real good-looking pair Moore-York (they both had played together before in Peter Hunt's "Gold" (1974)) but also because it's a good "lonely-Friday-night" movie and Christopher Miles' gentle direction will make you feel relaxed."

1h. 29m

Format: DVD

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