The Assassination Bureau (1969) Diana Rigg, Oliver Reed

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Before the start of World War I, would-be journalist Sonya Winter (Diana Rigg) begins to investigate the Assassination Bureau, a mysterious organization that chooses its targets based on moral issues. In recent years, however, the group has become corrupt and unscrupulous, prompting Sonya to request that the organization assassinate its own leader, Ivan Dragomiloff (Oliver Reed). Amused, Ivan accepts Sonia's request. But is he really the villain Sonya thinks he is?

Starring:  Diana Rigg, Oliver Reed, Telly Savalas, Curd Jurgens

Viewer Review:  "This is the kind of movie made with care and respect for the audience: lavish sets,dazzling costumes, and a very attractive cast including Diana Rigg,Telly Savalas -both teamed for "on her majesty's secret service" the same year-,Philippe Noiret,Curd Jurgens and the sadly missed Oliver Reed. The screenplay is often full of wit and humor,with such lines as "if there's a war, people will kill each others for a penny,and we will have to shut up shop (our "assassination bureau"). This  is an intensely-diverting and beautiful film. It deserves to be laughed with, applauded and considered carefully for its positive sense-of-life and all-around sparkling wit, dialogue and spirit of adventurous fun."

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