The Christmas Wife DVD (1988)

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Widower John Tanner (Jason Robards) is unhappy that he has to miss a longstanding Christmas gathering with his son Jim (Jim Eckhouse) and his family. So to avoid being alone, he decides to hire a platonic companion for the holidays, enlisting the services of forlorn escort Iris (Julie Harris). He makes it clear from the beginning, however, that there will be no hanky-panky between the two. But sparks begin to fly when charming John begins to warm Iris, bitter and bleary heart. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring: Jason Robards, Julie Harris

Viewer Review: "This film is such a pleasure to watch. Older adults will especially enjoy it. It also nice to see a film where great actors are given great material to work with."

Format: DVD

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