The Counterfeit Traitor (1962)

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Oil merchant Eric (William Holden), blacklisted by the Allies for selling to the Nazis, agrees to spy on the Germans to clear his name. He presents a false plan to the Germans, which gains him the trust of senior officials and allows him to inspect existing oil stations. Meanwhile, Eric passes the information to Collins (Hugh Griffith), a British intelligence expert. However, the Nazis learn that Eric's lover, Marianne (Lilli Palmer), is secretly an Allied spy, putting them both in danger.

Starring:  William Holden, Hugh Griffin, Lilli Palmer

Viewer Review:  "This is a film to see over and over. Beautifully photographed and well acted, directed and scripted. William Holden is ideally cast as an everyman caught up in extraordinary circumstances. The rest of the cast is wonderful - vivid, even eccentric, but never over the top - and I include here a bit by then-unknown Klaus Kinski and an array of, with one exception, uniformly nasty Nazis. Even the conventional love interest between Holden and Lilli Palmer doesn't intrude on the action and fits nicely into the plot. Since much of Counterfeit Traitor was filmed on location it's also a treat to see European stars we seldom get to see in domestic films, particularly the great Danish actor Poul Reichhardt as a fishing boat captain. If you haven't seen it, stop being one of the few who haven't!


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