The Dark Side of the Moon DVD (1990)

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It is the year 2022. A mysterious systems failure causes the crew of a spaceship to be stranded on the dark side of the moon, while rapidly running out of fuel and oxygen. They are surprised to discover a NASA space shuttle floating in space, and board it in the hope of salvaging some supplies. One by one, the crew is possessed and killed, and it is up to Paxton Warner to find the links between the dark side of the moon, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Devil himself. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Viewer Review: "This is the most excellent B-movie I have ever seen! The premise is genuinely freaky and a few scenes stained themselves in my head."

Run Time:  1h, 36m

Format: DVD

The DVD is encoded Region 0 (playable worldwide).

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