The Earthling DVD (1980)

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Patrick Foley (William Holden) has been on the move all his life. Tired of drifting, he wants to spend his last days in an isolated Australian valley where he grew up. On his difficult journey he meets Shawn (Ricky Shroeder), a little desperate city-boy whose parents were killed in an accident in this remote inhospitable territory. Being unable to accompany the boy back to the civilized world he reluctantly takes him with him on his trip to that valley and teaches him in a rugged way how to survive ... Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring: William Holden, Ricky Schroeder

Viewer Review: "I,m rarely moved to comment on a movie, but the Earthling is one of my favorites. I like thought-provoking and heart-touching movies, this film aims right at my emotional core and gets me in the breadbasket."

Run Time: 1h, 37m

Format: DVD, Digitally Remastered

Region: 0 (playable worldwide)
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