The Expendables (1988)

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Captain Baronski, assigned a squad of misfit soldiers, trains them into a fighting powerhouse "The Expendables." Breaking every rule, they must risk their lives crossing into Cambodia to save the American hostages.

Starring:  Anthony Finetti, Peter Nelson, Loren Hayes

Viewer Review:  "There is plenty of action with a bodycount surely in the triple digits and it’s always nice to see real explosions, blood squibs and gunfire.It’s well paced and brisk so you’ll never be bored. I also liked how the Vietnamese General was a man of honor who treated Rosello with respect. It made him more believable (and human) rather than being the monster the Vietnamese army were usually portrayed as in American cinema. It is blatantly similar to The Dirty Dozen but that’s fine by me.  This film deserves to be watched."

1h, 30m

Format: DVD

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