The Flim-Flam Man DVD (1967)

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A young man (Michael Sarrazin) meets the Legendary "Flim flam man" (George C. Scott) and begins a Huck Finn-like trip with him learning how to run the small con as he develops a relationship with the older man. As the police close in, he has to decide where he will take the rest of his life.

This is a RARE CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD drama starring the late great George C. Scott in one of his greatest performances.  

Starring:  George C. Scott, Michael Sarrazin

Viewer Quote:  "One of those movies that's fun to watch over and over. An all around excellent cast headed up George C. Scott as the traveling con-man....You can't help but like this picture."

Format:  DVD

The DVD is NTSC Region 0 (playable worldwide).

1h 44m

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