The Highest Honor (1982) (A True Story)

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The true story of a daring raid on Japanese-occupied Singapore Harbour by Australian and British troops during WWII.  A team of Australian soldiers from Z Special Unit, including Ivan Lyon and Robert Page, successfully lead an expedition to destroy ships in Singapore harbour, Operation Jaywick. An attempt to duplicate this success, Operation Rimau, ends in disaster, with the team either killed or captured. Those soldiers who are interrogated by the Japanese in Singapore, with Page forming a friendship with Minoru Tamiya.

Starring:  Michael Aitkens,Vincent Ball, Atsuo Nakamura

Viewer Review:  "This is a mesmerizing story about truth and friendship during the war. Some war movies succeed where others do not, and that can be judged from a variety of angles. The humanistic angle, one where you can feel the raw emotions (the terror of being under attack, the camaraderie among soldiers, the arduous trials people face inside them when in combat, etc..) are always movies I find compelling. This film succeeds on all those levels .I was overtaken by the emotion. Unforgettable rendering of a wartime story which is unknown to most people. The performances are faultless and outstanding.

2h, 24m

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