The Inspectors DVD (1998)

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Two mismatched US postal inspectors investigate a double murder involving a letter bomb, and discover the victims' son is a Navy munitions expert who may have used his specialised skills to kill his parents. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  Jonathan Silverman, Lou Gossett Jr., Judy Norton-Taylor

Viewer Review: "This film is  well above average. The performances are outstanding and very believable, and are able to create a great deal of genuine suspense in the otherwise formula plot. Louis Gossett, Jr. is great as always, and Jonathan Silverman not only supplies some enjoyable comic relief, but shows a surprisingly effective flair for drama. All in all, a very suspenseful and extremely well-made movie. I suggest you give it a look."

1h, 45m

Format: DVD

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