The Kidnappers DVD (1953)

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After losing their father in the Boer War, orphaned brothers Harry (Jon Whiteley) and Davy (Vincent Winter) must leave their home in Scotland to live with their grandmother (Jean Anderson) and cantankerous grandfather (Duncan Macrae) in Nova Scotia. The boys want nothing more than a pet dog, but their grandfather refuses to get them one. Then, when the brothers find an abandoned baby, they decide to keep it -- but the foundling may not have been abandoned after all. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page.

Starring:  Jon Whitely, Vincent Winter, Andrienne Corri

Viewer Quote:  "It is 52 years ago since I saw this movie on its 1st release and many memories came flooding back of a film which made a great impression on me as a young boy. The children are outstanding little actors.  The harsh environment of the children and the eventual softening of the heart of the grandfather is incredibly touching. The view of the tall grandfather striding along with his flying beard, seen from the level of the littlest boy, is still tattooed behind my eyes! It reminded me, in a way of my step-father who was a wonderful hardworking man who found it difficult to show affection but when it really counted was always there for you. Also, the black and white photography is magical.  This is a heart-warming movie rarely seen today.  Great for the entire family."

Format:  DVD

1h, 33m

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