The Meier Chronicles: The Beamship Trilogy (1997) 2 Disc Set

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Watch 189 minutes that will cover, provide and analyze the evidence of the most famous UFO contactee story in history--"Billy" Meier of Switzerland! Look at the photographs, listen to the audio and watch the video footage of UFO's documented by Meier along with Japanese video company and experts from IBM. This 2-DVD documentary includes three full-length episodes of the Meier UFO contact case--The Meier Chronicles, Beamship Metal Analysis and Beamship Movie Footage.  This fascinating documentary will take you from the beginning to the end of the most documented UFO case ever! Listen, watch and... you decide... is this the real thing or the most elaborate hoax ever.

Viewer Quote:  "This is the best means that the average person will ever have of examining the photographic and film evidence of alleged alien spaceships surrounding this controversial case. Viewing the footage first-hand, as opposed to just reading about the opinions of others who have examined them, should give the viewer a much better stance of determining whether or not the photographic and film footage evidence produced by Billy Meier truly shows that of extraterrestrial visitation or that of a very elaborate hoax."

2 Disc DVD.

EXTREMELY RARE!  Documentary on the Most Documented UFO Case Ever! -- Eduard "Billy" Meier Contactee.

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