The Proposition (1998) Kenneth Branagh, William Hurt

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Father Michael McKinnon (Kenneth Branagh) arrives from England to join the St. Jude's clergy, he avoids wealthy parishioners Arthur and Eleanor Barret (William Hurt, Madeleine Stowe). Attorney Arthur, an FDR adviser, and successful author Eleanor, want a child, but Arthur is sterile. Eleanor asks Arthur to pay someone to impregnate her, and Harvard law student Roger Martin (Neil Patrick Harris) is hired. He profits considerably, since he is required to return for several attempts. However, he becomes obsessed with Eleanor, infuriating Arthur.

Starring:  Kenneth Branagh, William Hurt, Madeline Stowe, Neil Patrick Harris, Robert Loggia, Blythe Danner

Viewer Quote:  "Madeline Stowe is absolutely radiant--confused, vulnerable, strong, passionate. William Hurt perfectly combines the ruthless Wall Street professional and the condescending tenderness of a man of his time. Branagh is a cypher whose screen charisma makes him riveting. Those who enjoy a good murder mystery will get a kick out of it. This one of those rare movies I watch at least once a year, it makes me laugh and cry."

This DVD is encoded NTSC Region ALL (playable worldwide).

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