The Reluctant Debutante DVD (1958)

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Jane Broadbent (Sandra Dee) is an independent-minded teenager who moves to London to live with her aristocratic father, Jimmy (Rex Harrison), and stepmother, Sheila (Kay Kendall). Jimmy and Sheila insist that Jane attend a coming-out ball and try to marry into high society. However, Jane is uninterested in her potential suitors, including the stuck-up David Fenner (Peter Myers), and soon falls for David Parkson (John Saxon), an American drummer with a bad reputation. Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown on our page. 

Starring:  Sandra Dee, Rex Harrison, Kay Kendall, Angela Lansbury, Peter Myer

Viewer Review:  "It's a brilliant Minnelli film with wonderful color, costuming and quick clever humor. It shows us London in the height of the social season in the splendor and snobbery of the debutante era, portrayed superbly throughout with deft one line quips at which Rex Harrison and Kay Kendall are masters. It is good lighthearted entertainment, I would recommend it to all."

1h, 34

Format: DVD

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