The Satan Bug (1965) Cult Classic Sci-Fi

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Lee Barrett (George Maharis) was until recently a security officer at Station 3, a top secret government laboratory. He was fired for insubordination but is called back to duty by General Williams (Dana Andrews) when biological warfare agents are stolen from the facility. Of particular concern is the Satan Bug, a new and particularly virulent bacteriological weapon that could, if released, destroy all of mankind in a few weeks or months. The thief threatens to release the Satan Bug in a public place and Barrett races against time to stop him.

Viewer Quote:  "THE SATAN BUG is an excellent treatment of a CBW (chemical and biological warfare) nightmare scenario.  This film is underrated, very alarming and fast paced not miss it."

This is a  rare sci-fi/thriller.

Format:  DVD

The DVD is encoded NTSC Region 0, PLAYABLE WORLDWIDE! The movie is presented in the WIDESCREEN FORMAT.

1h, 54m

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