The Story of G.I. Joe (1945) Robert Mitchum, Burgess Meredith

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War correspondent Ernie Pyle (Burgess Meredith) joins Company C, 18th Infantry as this American army unit fights its way across North Africa in World War II. He comes to know the soldiers and finds much human interest material for his readers back in the States. Later, he catches up with the unit in Italy and accompanies it through the battles of San Vittorio and Cassino. He learns from its commanding officer, Lt. (later Capt.) Bill Walker (Robert Mitchum) of the loneliness of command, and from the individual G.I.'s of the human capacity to survive drudgery, discomfort, and the terror of combat.

Viewer Quote:  "After searching for the best war films all my life, and after seeing so much tripe, I was completely flabbergasted by this film. You can feel, taste and smell the muck and fear these men lived with. The dialogue is gritty, the combat scenes, especially of urban fighting bang on.  This movie is well worth watching."

A very rare war flim starring Robert Mitchum and Burgess Meredith, that is a must have for fans of good quality war films.


The dvd is encoded NTSC Region 0 (playable worldwide), Digitally Remastered.

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