The Witches DVD (1966)

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Gwen Mayfield (Joan Fontaine) suffers a mental collapse after a showdown with a witch doctor while performing missionary work in Africa. Once she recuperates, she starts teaching at a private school in England and gets to know Linda (Ingrid Brett), one of her students. Linda's boyfriend claims that there is a cult that is going to sacrifice her, and Gwen begins to investigate the wild rumors. This leads her to a confrontation with powerful cult leader Stephanie Bax (Kay Walsh). Delivered sealed in case with artwork as shown. 

Starring:  Joan Fontaine, Kay Walsh, Alec McCowen

Viewer Review:  "What makes this film so distinctive is its understatement--the horror when it emerges is all the more disquieting since everything seems so idyllic. Miss Fontaine is superb. Note her scene near the beginning when she is questioned about her nervous breakdown during a job interview. I was amazed at the beautiful camera work, the involved plot, and the fabulous over acting you can only get with a 60's horror flick. This was possibly one of the most amusing films to watch I have ever seen."

1h, 30m

Format: DVD

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